The East Area Rapist – Part 5

Welcome back to my fifth entry in my “The East Area Rapist” series. This post details the attacks on victims of 26-28, along with various phone calls and notes presumed to be the work of the infamous rapist. Moreover, I am also delving into the murders of Brian and Katie Maggiore. This is my longest post to date, so I hope it provides valuable information and is worth the time-consuming read.

Victim 26

It was Saturday, October 29, 1977, at 1:45 in the morning. A husband woke up to the consistent tapping of the barrel of a gun on his feet. As he rolled over, an intruder used his flashlight beam to temporarily blind him and said through gritted teeth, “Don’t move or I’ll blow your fucking brains out. I know you have a gun in your drawer somewhere.” The husband cooperated with the treats, mentioning his weapon was nearby.

The disturbance woke the wife who was perplexed by the commotion. The trespasser took notice of the situation and threw shoelaces at her commanding her to bind her husband’s wrists. She was shaking with fear and hysteria and accidentally tied one hand. This caused the intruder to lash out in agitation, “Bitch! I’ll blow your fucking brains out if you try that again!”

After suppressing the couple, the intruder left the master bedroom to rummage through other areas in the home. Minutes later he returned with a much more volatile approach; accusing the couple of trying to untie each other’s bindings. His paranoia was increasing as he forced the wife into the living room with a gun barrel pointed at her back and a knife against her throat.

He proceeded to make the wife lay down on her stomach as he blindfolded her with strips of towels he had cut during his ransacking. The intruder attempted to comfort her by saying, “I’m not going to hurt you. I only want money and food for my van.” Though she was unable to see, she courageously spoke up saying she hadn’t any money but would write him a check. That statement only perpetuated his irritation further as he told the wife, “Shut your fucking mouth!”

The intruder then straddled her back and put his penis into her hands and ordered, “Play with it. You better make it good.” She tried telling the rapist she had no feeling in her hands due to the lack of circulation, but her plea only caused him to reply, “Shut up, or I’ll cut off your ears.” He changed her positioning and instructed her to suck his penis that was slathered with lotion, which made her sick in the progress. Thereafter, he continued his abuse and after climaxing, his demeanor transitioned into regret that seemed authentic according to the victim. He began sobbing erratically, hyperventilating and repeating the phrase, “I’m sorry, Mom. Mommy, please help me! I don’t want to do this, Mommy.”

Suddenly, the perpetrator regained his composure and checked on the husband for a prolonged amount of time. When he returned to the wife he raped her for the second time. Once more, he continued his remorseful plea with a high-pitched voice, “Mommy, I don’t want to do this. Someone, please help me.” Nevertheless, he managed to calm himself down and told the wife, “I’m going to watch television. You better keep your fucking mouth shut, bitch.” Shortly after, he grabbed dinnerware from the kitchen cabinets and stacked them on the victim’s back. Meanwhile, he removed her wedding rings and left the residence. When the husband and wife felt the rapist was finally gone, they undid their bindings and called the authorities.

Noteworthy points

  • Earlier in the evening the husband and wife left for a night out to Ricco’s Pizza. They returned home at around 10:00 p.m. During this interval it’s speculated the trespasser had broken into the residence by removing a window screen from a vacant bedroom. From here, he went into the master bedroom and unlocked the sliding glass doors where he made his entrance hours later. Subsequently, he discovered the .357 Magnum Colt Trooper the husband had in his drawer and unloaded the bullets. Afterward, he left the home through the sliding glass doors — leaving them unlocked — and replaced the window screens. The bullets to the gun were found behind the homeowner’s neighbor who was a State Patrol Officer.
  • The victim’s husband said the rapist had a feminine voice when he began crying and hyperventilating. Moreover, he believed the intruder’s reaction was genuine as well.
  • The wife told investigators that her rapist had a small penis, but he was very thick. This surprised her primarily because of hearing other victims describe how under-endowed he was. She also mentioned his legs being white with light-colored hair.
  • The bloodhounds brought by police tracked the criminal to a nearby dump truck that generally remains parked at the driver’s home overnight. The male was questioned but immediately eliminated as a suspect. Hours later after the attack around 6:30 in the morning, a witness noted an individual coming out of the dump truck’s trailer hitch carrying a bicycle. He appeared to be wearing all dark clothing and a balaclava as he rode the bike east on Whitney Avenue.
  • A person reported seeing a peculiar stranger walking on Whitney Avenue and allegedly looking at homes in this region. He was about to leave his home when he noticed the light above his garage door flicker on. The light made the stranger more visible and he looked back at the homeowner before continuing on his way. The proprietor kept his eye on the individual and stated the person looked back for a second time a few more houses down away and then disappeared behind a set of bushes in the front lawn of a resident. According to the witness, the individual was approximately 5’8-5’10. His hair was medium in length and brown. His body frame seemed average and he appeared to be in his early twenties.
  • Three days prior to the attack, the soon-to-be victims had a new phone installed in her home. Hours after this occurred she began receiving hang-up phone calls from an anonymous person. There is a minor discrepancy about this, however. Larry Crompton, the author of “Sudden Terror,” said this event took place two days before on October 27, 1977. Furthermore, a home in the neighborhood was broken into by an unknown assailant and had stolen two family photos and turned the thermostat off.
  • On October 28, 1977, two mysterious vehicles were seen at separate times in the afternoon. At 2:00 p.m. a neighbor saw a male between 25-30 years old driving a Plymouth or Dodge vehicle and surveying the homes as he drove unnaturally slow down the block. Four hours later at 6:30 p.m. another witness reported a 1963-1964 Ford Falcon repeating the exact process.

 Victim 27

In Sacramento, California on Thursday, November 10, 1977, at 3:30 in the morning, a 56-year-old mother awakened to the sound of her patio glass sliding doors opening from her bedroom. Startled by the sound, she immediately jumped up, but a flashlight beam on her face blinded her. Remarkably, she remained steadfast and undaunted by the intruder’s presence and asked, “What do you want with me? I’m an old lady.”

In a softened manner, the trespasser replied, “I’m not going to hurt you. All I want is your money. Lay down on your stomach.” She abided but still remained un-phased by his tenacity. He soon clasped her hands, wrists, and ankles together. She began complaining that her bindings were too tight, but the masked intruder ignored her quibble and said, “Shut up! Do you want me to cut off your fingers? Who else is home? Don’t lie to me or I’ll slit your throat.” She attested her thirteen-year-old daughter was sleeping in a nearby room.

Moments later the intruder crept his way into the daughter’s room and started shaking her to wake her up. Unaware of her surroundings the teenager said, “Leave me alone,” assuming it was her mother. She abruptly realized the dire situation when the individual placed his knife against her throat and screamed, “This isn’t a joke! Roll over and put your hands behind your back.”

Though she was frightened, she followed in her mother’s bravery and told the intruder no. Her defiance exasperated him, resulting in more threats. “Do as I say or I’ll slit your throat and watch you bleed to death,” he said, all the while moving his knife towards the back of her ears and asking, “Do you want me to cut off your ear?”

With the blackout being lifted nearly a year prior and the coverage this criminal was getting through the media, the young daughter managed to put the puzzle pieces together and realize who the perpetrator was. She responded to his question, relaying her carelessness regarding the empty threat of removing her ear. This surprised the individual, making him momentarily stop with the menacing ultimatums. He eventually gave up and tied her hands together saying, “Look, all I want is your money. Where is it?” She purposefully lied to him saying she didn’t have any.

Frustrated by the lack of obedience, he left the teenager’s room and resumed his duties on the mother. However, his threats were of no avail as the mother continued behaving unconcerned. He left once more and attempted his onslaught with the teenage daughter again. By the time he returned, she had unloosened her bindings around her ankles. The assailant fastened them together again and angrily declared, “If you try that again, I will fucking kill your mother.”

Thereafter, he proceeded to ransack the home and retrieve dishes from the kitchen to place on the mother’s back, indicating she wasn’t the prime target for rape. Before leaving her room he intently told her, “If I hear these dishes rattle, I’ll fucking kill you, bitch. Do you understand? All I want is your money. Do you hear me?” The mother ignored his responses, but he continued repeating the same sentences until she finally corresponded. He then went on to mention, “I need things for my apartment. My car is parked outside and I’m going back to Los Angeles.”

Afterward, he reappeared in the daughter’s room, blindfolding and gagging her with strips of towels he had cut during the rummaging. He then squatted down and put his penis into her hands saying, “Grab it. Squeeze it. Do you know what this is?” She told the assailant no as he asked, “Have you ever been fucked before?” This time she said she didn’t know, confusing the rapist. He demanded her to roll over, but she declined and asked why. The threats continued spewing from the assailant as he tried explaining what an erection was. After multiple attempts, he was finally able to successfully rape her in a satisfactory fashion.

Thereafter and returned to the mother who was shivering from the breeze of the opened patio doors. The rapist took a sleeping bag from the floor and draped it over her for warmth and said, “I’m going to load some groceries from the kitchen and leave.” Shockingly, he stayed true to his word and left the home entirely.

Noteworthy points

  • This attack is quite significant because it presents a second occurrence of the women victim(s) gaining the upper hand, albeit slightly. His seventh victim showered him with compliments during the rape. This ultimately led him to let his guard down momentarily. With this attack, instead of flattery, the women made a stand and refused to let their inner-terror be visible, leading to the intruder’s downfall in terms of a successful crime.
  • While it’s possible the intruder lived in Los Angeles, California, it’s highly unlikely. This attack occurred in Sacramento which is roughly a six-hour drive away. Furthermore, he used this particular phrase often in other areas including Rancho Cordova, Carmichael, Del Dayo and more. In these locations, he would mention he lived in an apartment a few blocks away.
  • The thirteen-year-old was his youngest victim. She attended a private school and told authorities his penis was approximately five inches long when erect, though she had never seen this male organ except in books during sexual education class. There is also a minor discrepancy in her attack. Initially, the police believed she was raped, but the teenager and her mother denied it. However, on the recent program “48 Hours,” the crimes of the East Area Rapist were covered and the teenager, now older, said she was raped.
  • This attack occurred in a condominium and the kitchen was located upstairs, whereas most of the crimes committed by the East Area Rapist were single story residences with a detached garage.
  • A month prior, the victim was receiving a plethora of phone calls. When she answered with a customary hello, the person on the other end of the line would immediately hang up.
  • Three days before the sexual assault, a note was discovered in the bathroom of a nearby college campus. It read, “The East Side Rapist was here. I will rape my first black girl tonight. The dumb cops will never find me.” It was photographed by the police but never released publicly. It’s unknown whether or not this was written by the infamous serial offender. Nonetheless, it’s still an intriguing piece of circumstantial evidence if genuine.
  • One day before the assault, a neighbor of victim #27 heard strange sounds between the time of 11:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m. He described the first sound as something falling against the home of the victim. It’s unsure what the second noise was, but he went outside to look around and nothing unusual was in sight.
  • The night of the attack, another neighbor heard sounds of someone meddling with the locks on her glass sliding doors at 12:00 in the morning. This prompted her dog to bark and she turned on the lights. However, nobody was in view. Three hours later another neighbor reported hearing tampering with her locks.
  • During the month of November 1977, a second annual town hall meeting took place in Mira Loma, California. This is significant. It was at these series of meetings where the photos taken of the crowd occurred, ultimately creating a fandom of the individual known as The Puffy Jacket Guy. Many people associate these photos with the first town hall meeting in November 1976, which is a vital misconception.

Victim 28

It was a Friday night on December 2, 1977, in Foothill Farms, California when a wife and mother of two was awakened from her sleep at approximately 11:45 p.m. In the standard formality, the intruder flashed his beam in her eyes and whispered loudly enough for her to hear, “Shut up or I’ll gag you. If you don’t listen, I will kill your little boy.”

Needless to say, she cooperated completely with the intruder as he fastened her wrists and ankles together, along with obscuring her vision with a blindfold. He guided her into the family room and removed her underwear, tossing them in the hallway. As he was beginning to gag her, she objected by telling the masked intruder she wouldn’t be able to calmly tell her children to go back to bed if they stumbled upon them.

Meanwhile, the trespasser was having difficulty remaining focused, with his attention being averted to the living room window where he continually peeked through the drapes due to the sound of children playing in the street. This distraction caused him to paranoidly mumble with vexation, “You think you’re smarter, but I’m smarter than you!”

He returned to the constrained mother and stood over her momentarily before rummaging the household. All of a sudden, the individual disappeared into the night and left the family unharmed. The bound mother managed to hop and stumble her way to the phone and call her neighbor, who quickly rushed over to cut loose the bindings and call the police.

Noteworthy points

  • Thirty minutes before the attack emerged, the wife’s husband — an Army Lt. Colonel stationed at Sacramento Army Depot to advise members of the National Guard — had left home to attend a casino with friends.
  • At 11:00 p.m. a phone call was made to the sheriff’s department. Though the message was not recorded, the anonymous person allegedly whispered into the receiver, “I’m going to commit another rape tonight.”
  • This particular attack may not have involved thorough planning because of the intruder’s lack of knowledge of the mother’s children. She had two daughters instead of a boy as the criminal threatened to harm.
  • The victim said she heard a van engine rev up next to her residence when the intruder left. This is an interesting clue since a van had been seen at other crimes in the months beforehand. Furthermore, if her description is accurate, it correlates with the statements made by the perpetrator himself when he would tell his victims he was only wanting money and food for his van.
  • The night of the attack, a sixteen-year-old neighbor saw a beige colored station wagon next to the victim’s home. He said the vehicle didn’t belong to anyone living nearby which is why he made note of the car, to begin with. Moreover, the windows weren’t covered in frost as other cars in the vicinity, indicating the driver had the heater on to defrost the windows. This begs the question, though: Did the victim mishear the vehicle engine she claimed to be a van? Nevertheless, both vehicle models have allegedly been used for previous crimes.
  • No weapon was brought to the crime. If there was, it was not seen by the victim. This is strange because the East Area Rapist typically brought a knife and handgun with him. The victim did say the intruder wore latex gloves that doctors generally use, though this cannot be confirmed because she based this on the feel of the gloves on her skin rather than eyesight.
  • The police questioned the children playing outside when the attack was taking place, but they all said they hadn’t heard or seen anything strange.
  • The victim’s home had been burglarized on October 27, 1977, while she was away from home visiting a friend, she forgot to lock her door. However, upon her return, it was locked. This understandably confused her and she immediately browsed her home for missing items. She discovered her thermostat was turned off, two photographs of her were stolen, and a jar of pickles in her fridge had been readjusted to another shelf.
  • According to Richard Shelby’s book, “Hunting a Psychopath,” a man by the name of Richard Boren was arrested a few months before this attack occurred that featured many similarities to this aborted crime.
  • The intruder entered the residence through the glass sliding doors from the patio. Interestingly, a few weeks prior, her spare key for the front door disappeared from underneath the floor mat. She assumed one of the children had accidentally lost it.
  • Between November 11 – December 1, 1977, the victim was receiving anonymous hang-up phone calls every day after 2:00 p.m.
  • Strange occurrences in the victim’s neighborhood started taking place on December 1, 1977. In the afternoon a neighbor of victim #28 spotted a man walking from Woodridge School. She was tending to her garden when the two made eye contact from a considerable distance. He supposedly watched her for a prolonged amount of time before leaving. Shortly thereafter, more people in the community saw a beige colored station wagon parked next to the home of victim #28, which was a common vehicle reported in relation to attacks committed on victims. Later that evening, two women living together had their electricity turned off by somebody unknown.
  • I’m not sure of its validation, but the women who stated their electricity had been turned off had received a phone call seven months prior to May 1977. The caller whispered three times, “You are next.”

This would be the last known attack committed by the East Area Rapist in 1977. Though no more rapes occurred, the criminal would still have a productive month in December before the new year.

On December 9, 1977, the twenty-first victims received a phone call from a male who remained incognito. The caller had said, “Merry Christmas, it’s me again!” The wife told authorities the voice matched the sound of her rapist earlier that year. It’s worth reiterating the husband of this family was the Italian individual who berated Detective Richard Shelby at the first series of town hall meetings in November of 1976.

The following evening on December 10, 1977, dispatchers from Sacramento’s Sheriff’s Department experienced a strange phone call known as The Watt Avenue Recording at 10:00 p.m. The voice appeared to match the phone call made on December 2, 1977, who stated he was going to rape someone that night. Though a crime was attempted, it was botched due to children frolicking outside in the street.

After the phone call, officers were on high alert surveying Watt Avenue and the surrounding areas with the intention of apprehending the possible rapist if he remained true to his word. Around 2:30 in the morning — now December 11 — deputies saw a masked individual riding a bicycle at a high rate of speed on the bridge leading to Watt Avenue. The authorities turned their sirens on and a chase ensued, but the biker managed to elude them. Two hours later the biker was spotted again by city police in the general vicinity. Once more a pursuit took place but the perpetrator yet again managed to flee after abandoning the bicycle and running on foot. It was soon to discovered that the bicycle had been reported stolen from Redding, California.

With the day now December 11, 1977, the newspaper publisher, The Sacramento Bee, along with the Mayor and television studio for KVIE 6 TV, received a poem by a person claiming to be the East Area Rapist. It’s unclear of its authenticity, but it’s rather coincidental it’s not by the same individual who eluded capture mere hours earlier. The title of the poem is:

Excitement’s Crave

All those mortal’s surviving birth
Upon facing maturity,
Take inventory of their worth
To prevailing society.
Choosing values becomes a task;
Oneself must seek satisfaction.
The selected route will unmask
Character when plans take action.
Accepting some work to perform
At fixed pay, but promises for more,
Is a recognized social norm,
As is decorum, seeking lore.
Achieving while others lifting
Should be cause for deserving fame
Leisure tempts excitement seeking,
What’s right and expected seems tame.
“Jessie James” has been seen by all,
And “Son of Sam” has an author.
Others now feel temptations call.
Sacramento should make an offer.
To make a movie of my life
That will pay for my planned exile.
Just now I’d like to add the wife
Of a Mafia lord to my file.
Your East Area Rapist
And deserving pest
See you in the press or on T.V.

That would be the final form of information regarding the East Area Rapist in 1977. He wouldn’t claim his next victim until January 28, 1978. However, on January 2, 1978, he did make two phone calls to his very first rape victim that occurred on June 18, 1976. These phone calls are known as Is Ray There and Gonna Kill You.



Throughout the month of December of 1977, the East Area Rapist remained active through taunting phone calls and possible sightings. In one intriguing event, a clerk working the graveyard shift at 7-Eleven on 10721 Coloma Rd. in Rancho Cordova, California, notified Sacramento County’s Sherriff Department saying a strange man matching the general description of the elusive rapist often frequented the convenience store at approximately 2:00 a.m. He would typically arrive on a bicycle and be wearing a black jacket with the image of Vietnam embedded on the back. He would always go near the back of the store and browse pornographic magazines.

The police took this lead very seriously and Sergeant Ted Daly immediately assigned two police officers to the location for a stakeout. They were given the direct orders to use an unmarked police vehicle and wear civilian clothing for a disguise. The two officers arrived at midnight; one was stationed in the vehicle while the other was inside in the stockroom awaiting the stranger’s arrival.

Sadly, the investigation was fruitless due to incompetence. The police officers didn’t change out of their uniforms–they simply wore a casual t-shirt over their uniform. Additionally, the officer stationed inside would often leave his post to browse the store and speak to the clerk.

A little past 2:00 a.m. the clerk received a phone call. When he answered the caller said, “Let me talk to the cop in the back.” In an attempt to not botch the stakeout the clerk replied saying nobody was in the store accompanying him. The caller responded, “Don’t give me that shit.” Out of confusion, the clerk proceeded to give the telephone to the officer. As soon as he asked who he was speaking with, the anonymous caller began laughing and ended the call. Thereafter, the individual was never reported coming into the store again.

There has been no verifiable evidence the strange man was the East Area Rapist. There are many people who remain skeptical of this event ever transpiring. One of the more infuriating aspects is the fact a composite sketch wasn’t created, let alone a follow-up with the clerk once more eye-witness composite sketches started piling in over the years, to see if any of them matched the store visitor. This event — if genuine — is just another mishap in a ten-year case that could have been solved if things were conducted accordingly.

Brian and Katie Maggiore

Brian and Katie
Brian and Katie Maggiore

Between the time of 9:00 – 9:15 p.m. on Thursday, February 2, 1978, Brian and Katie Maggiore were taking their poodle dog named Thumper on a leisure stroll through the neighborhood on La Alegria Drive located in Rancho Cordova, California. For all intents and purposes, this locale was typically considered a safe community.

At the time of this horrific tragedy, Brian Maggiore was a twenty-one-year-old Air Force Sergeant who was previously stationed in Alaska. His wife of two years, on the other hand, was twenty-years-old and living in Fresno, California until her husband transferred to Mather Air Force Base where they would relocate to an apartment at La Verta Court in Rancho Cordova, California.

During their casual walk with Thumper, he somehow managed to get free from their grasp and run off into a backyard nearby. The couple quickly chased after their dog and it’s at this point things become slightly muddled in terms of what truly transpired.

Suddenly, a ten-year-old boy in his upstairs bedroom heard the terrifying screams of Brian and Katie Maggiore as they began running away from a masked intruder brandishing a handgun and pursuing them. The couple continued sprinting through the backyard of two neighbors who had a fence damaged on the ground that generally separated the yards.

The gunman fired numerous shots and two of the bullets ultimately struck Brian Maggiore and killed him immediately. A stray bullet damaged a glass window and missed the homeowner, Nicholas Ottlinger, by mere inches, who quickly grabbed his wife and threw her down to the floor as they lay down in cover.

The shooter kept up his pace with Katie as she shrieked for help at the top of her lungs. She managed to make it to the front gate of a neighbor’s residence before the murderer fired another shot that fatally struck her in the head. Her deceased body was obstructing the opening of the fence, so the killer hurled himself over the barrier and started fleeing the scene.

In the process, he encountered a seventeen-year-old named Karl Nollsch who was in his opened garage checking on the commotion outside. The killer turned in another direction with posthaste and ran to the end of the block before removing his mask and rapidly walking in the yards of other residences, trying his best to not attract too much attention. As he walked along the shrubbery trying to remain out of sight, an unsuspecting vehicle was driving down the block with its headlights on. The shooter quickly jumped behind a tree to diminish the driver’s view, staying there momentarily until the vehicle was out of view.

While continuing his escape, he eventually walked across a yard where the homeowner as outside tending to her lawn. According to her testimony, he was wearing a World War II bomber jacket with an insignia that represented the 320th Bomb Group. He used his jacket collar to shield his identity, all the while casually telling her, “I guess I must be trespassing.” Afterward, he disappeared and has never been identified or apprehended.

Noteworthy points

  • The first thing that needs to be addressed is whether or not these murders were committed by the East Area Rapist. It’s a hotly debated topic. The general consensus amongst police officers is that this crime was the work of the East Area Rapist. The main source of evidence is a set of shoelaces found at the crime scene that was tied together in the same fashion and knotting the rapist would use on his victims. While many officers are in agreement, there are still those who consider otherwise. It’s worth mentioning that the East Area Rapist did operate in this region. Furthermore, Brian had military connections. This can be slightly affiliated with the MO of the rapist, due to many of his victims having ties to the military or the medical field.
  • The main reason there are many discrepancies surrounding this case is due to witnesses saying they saw two men in the area during the attack. However, what fails to get mentioned more often than not is the actual scenario. For one, they weren’t seen together committing the crime. It just so happened that a person similar in stature was walking in the opposite direction from which the shooter ran off from. That doesn’t perpetuate two people being the killer(s).
  • Karl Nollsch, the seventeen-year-old that encountered the shooter from his garage said this person was approximately 6-foot and was wearing pointy-toed cowboy boots and a leather jacket with a stain. This was not the typical attire the East Area Rapist wore, nor is his height a match. However, he did have the appropriate weight, body stature and appeared to be in his early twenties. Moreover, the validity of two separate statements needs to be considered. The woman tending to her lawn said the man’s jacket had an insignia. Is it possible the seventeen-year-old mistook the emblem for a stain, or vice versa (that or the teenager and woman didn’t recognize one or the other)? In regards of the other male walking in the opposite direction, the general overlay is this individual appeared to have more similarities in terms of clothing, height and weight to the East Area Rapist than the mysterious man Karl Nollsch reported witnessing.
  • In part four of my series, I posted photos of the suspect(s) seen during the crime,
    Maggiore Murders Paper
    Newspaper clipping wrote by staff writer, Paul Mapes

    along with newspaper clippings detailing the event. I will repost them here for quick accessibility. You can view one of the original newspaper clippings here briefly describing the tragedy. A revised update was eventually made on one of the suspects. Moreover, the revised composite sketch was mentioned in another clipping accessible here. Finally, a little more insight can be gleaned from this brief newspaper article written by staff writer, Paul Mapes.

  • Brian and Katie Maggiore’s dog, Thumper, was found in a neighbor’s pool shivering from the cold and fear. From what I have gathered, he survived.
  • Prior to the murders, Katie was supposedly receiving tedious prank phone calls, not only at her home but her occupation as well at Regal Gas Station. Apparently, there are two gas stations with the same name in the general area, because on one occasion the caller told Katie, “I’m the person who raped two women in a Regal Gas Station and you’re my next victim.” You can view the discussion on the proboards and on this WordPress blog. From an excerpt in Richard Shelby’s book, “Hunting a Psychopath,” he says in chapter 50, “Katie had been the victim of crank phone calls and may have been the target of a stalker. The crank phone caller told her he was the one who raped two women in a Regal gas station, and she would be next. Any more information about this possible stalking, or what may have occurred while in Fresno, has not been made public.”
  • There are many questions still left unanswered regarding this crime. One of which is why? The leading assumption is that during the chase for Thumper, Brian and Katie stumbled upon their soon-to-be murderer. If this person is the East Area Rapist, what exactly prompted him to spontaneously react to killing them? It’s hard to comprehend, primarily because the rapist had many alleged close calls, especially in the midst of his stalking the daytime, yet he never eliminated other witnesses. The most viable reason would be that the couple encountered him without his mask fully on and they knew him personally or well enough to give police a proper name to identify the suspect. Then again, why murder Brian and Katie Maggiore and not Karl Nollsch, who was feet away from the perpetrator? Was he out of ammunition with the many shots he fired upon the couple?
  • Another question that is confusing is how did the shoelaces end up at the crime scene if the shooter is not the East Area Rapist? Assuming the shooter was him, the obvious conclusion is that the shoelaces fell out of his pocket during the chase. Either that or he deliberately threw them on the ground to leave his trademark calling card.
  • If this was the work of the East Area Rapist, the murder of Brian and Katie Maggiore would officially be his first two kills (maybe third if he’s also the Visalia Ransacker who shot and murdered Claude Snelling).
  • There are a few conclusions that can be theorized in this case, all of which are equally terrifying. One) The shooter was the East Area Rapist or he wasn’t. The shooter was wearing attire not generally associated with the rapist. Two) The rapist had an accomplice. Three) The shooter wasn’t the East Area Rapist, but the other individual in the composite sketch was, and both men were separately acting on their own behalf in the same neighborhood coincidentally.

This now concludes part five. Thank you for taking the time to read this very lengthy entry. You all give me the motivation to continue this series. I’ve never had an “audience” before who look forward to my posts.ecause of that, I feel as if it’s my responsibility to please those who read these entries, as well as spreading the word on the infamous serial rapist and killer.

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