The East Area Rapist – Part 8

Welcome to part eight of my “The East Area Rapist” series. As we are reaching the conclusion of this lengthy journey, though it may be finished soon, the work is not. Whether this horrendous offender is alive or dead, the case remains unsolved. The labor from law enforcement and its extended branches of government, along with armchair detectives and web sleuths alike, will still continue pressing forward until this case has a resolution. 

The East Area Rapist had previously struck his 39th victim on October 28, 1978. His next attack on his 40th victim would take place on November 4, 1978. There is evidence suggesting he is responsible for this strike, but the crime itself was poorly handled. Due to law enforcement’s incompetence, this crime scene investigation remains an embarrassment in San Jose’s police department and doesn’t get mentioned often in the grand scheme of the East Area Rapists’ timeline.

With that being said, the circumstantial evidence retrieved from the investigation points toward the notorious rapist. According to the victim, the assailant had spoken through clenched teeth saying, “All I want is money and food.” Furthermore, she described her attacker as oriental but was unable to provide adequate reasons for that conclusion.

As for details surrounding the victim, she was residing in a two-story residence, which isn’t a common place for the East Area Rapist to attack. The victim was Japanese and had a one-year-old son who never woke up during the assault. Other than these minor details, the lack of cooperation from San Jose’s jurisdiction wouldn’t connect this crime to the East Area Rapist until December 2, 1978, when he attacked another victim in the same town.

Victim 41

The night was Saturday, December 2, 1978, in San Jose, California. A young married couple was sound asleep when an intruder snuck into their residence and flashed a light on the unsuspecting couple. They immediately jolted awake with the assailant telling them, “Shut the fuck up or I’ll kill you. Don’t look at me!”

The husband, still groggy from being woken up, wasn’t intimidated by the invader’s persona. He quickly threw the sheets off himself and tried to stand up, but his attempt was too late. The intruder angrily halted him by punching him twice in the face with the barrel of his pistol.

The wife shrieked in horror and retreated back to the headboard while the intruder snarled at the couple, “Don’t move, motherfuckers or I’ll kill you. I’m only here for food and money. Once I get what I need, I’ll leave in my van.” He proceeded to order the husband onto his stomach, demanding his wife tie up her husband with shoelaces, “Tie his hands behind his back! Tight!” With the husband restrained, he focused on the wife, binding her wrists so tightly she lost all circulation, her hands turning black and purple.

Afterward, the trespasser refastened the husband’s wrists and ankles before hissing through clenched teeth, “None of you move or I’ll fucking shoot you both.” He made his way out of the master bedroom, leaving the married couple in disarray while he rummaged throughout the home. Moments he later returned and began saying repeatedly, “I only want money and food because I’m hungry.” The wife attempted to cooperate with the stranger by mentioning there is plenty of food in the fridge and all of their money is located in a linen closet in the hallway.

He left the couple once more, but instead of scouring the home for food and cash, he instead took towels and started tearing them into strips. He gagged and blindfolded the husband, then grabbed the petrified wife and pushed her into the living room ordering her to get on her stomach. While she was lying helplessly on the floor, the intruder grabbed a handful of kitchen dishes and stacked them on the immobile husband threatening, “If I hear these dishes rattle, I will fucking kill you.”

When the trespasser returned to the living room, he turned on a lamp and placed a towel over it to dim the light. He then lubricated his penis and straddled on the wife’s back, placing his penis into her completely numb hands saying with terrifying intent, “I’ve been watching you for a long time, and I’ve been wanting to fuck you for so long. Now play with it!” A minute later he prompted her up into a sitting position and punched her in the face, making her fall over and cry with fear and pain. He took his knife and placed it against her throat, drawing blood before orally raping her. While doing so he told her, “You better not bite it. If you don’t make me feel good, I’ll cut your fucking throat.”

After the brief, unsatisfactory pleasure from the oral sex, he pushed her down onto her back, removed her clothing and put his handgun to her head saying, “Don’t scream or I’ll blow your fucking head off,” as he penetrated her for a few seconds. Once he finished, he abandoned her and ransacked the home even further, all the while weeping heavily saying, “You motherfucker. You motherfucker.”

Moments later he resumed his evil deeds on the wife. Meanwhile, the husband was attempting to free himself from the bindings without disrupting the dishes on his back. However, they tumbled to the carpeted floor. This alerted the perpetrator and he immediately stormed into the bedroom and punched him in the face before placing the dishes on him for the second time. This time he told the husband, “If you try that shit again, motherfucker, I’ll shoot your wife first and come back for you.”

Due to the horrifying commotion, the defenseless wife was crying and trembling with fear believing the intruder had murdered her husband. The masked man made his way back into the living room and used his aggression to rape her more forcefully than earlier. Thereafter, he left her lying helplessly on the floor as he rummaged the home, once again sobbing and hyperventilating. A short time later, what seemed like an eternity, the home became eerily silent. It was evident to the husband and wife their attacker had accomplished his goal and vanished into the darkness.

Noteworthy points

  • It’s almost a trademark at this point, but the victim(s) — primarily the wife — was a registered nurse at Stanford Hospital. Thus, another connection to the medical field.
  • The couple said the intruder was wearing a navy-blue nylon jacket; possibly a windbreaker. While this is a common piece of attire, it harkens back to many encounters ordinary people had of some suspicious stranger prowling neighborhoods the East Area Rapist would soon attack. Moreover, many prior victims told the investigators about this specific piece of clothing. There is also the nurse from the attack on victim #31, who had a strange visit at her place of employment. The male introduced himself as “Jack, from the town of Quincy,” and also wore the same colored windbreaker.
  • Interestingly, though the couple never got a proper look at the intruder’s face, they both described their attacker as a black male in his twenties. His vocabulary was articulate, perhaps the same form of speech college students would converse with. The only deduction for assuming he was a black male was due to his voice sounding deep and how he pronounced the word, “Motherfucker.” Furthermore, the wife said the man’s penis was approximately 5-6 inches long and was circumcised, but never got a look at it.
  • When the intruder would sob, these fits tended to last three-to-five minutes before he regained his composure.
  • This attack was increasingly more violent than many previous home invasions by the East Area Rapist. His violence progressed more abusively toward the wife, even though she was fully cooperating with her attacker.
  • The assailant had eaten a box of Nabisco crackers and had stolen a six-pack of Coors beer, along with a digital clock, the husband’s wedding ring, and a total estimate of $70.

Victim 42

In Danville, California, on Saturday, December 9, 1978, a woman living alone was awakened at 2:00 in the morning by a masked intruder wielding a large butcher knife. He tried assuring no harm would come to her by saying, “I’m only here because I need money and food for my van.” He proceeded to order her lay down on her stomach and place her hands behind her back. With her restrained, he asked, “Where’s the money? Where is it?” She told him her purse was located in the kitchen. Thereafter, he began to rummage throughout the household, leaving the poor woman unattended for a short period of time.

Upon his return, he had a bottle of baby lotion that was taken from the victim’s bathroom. After lubricating his penis, he unfastened her ankles and perpetuated the rape, all the while asking her questions in a seemingly personal affair, “Do you like to be fucked?” She said no, but he pressed onward asking, “Do you like to raise dicks?” She shook her head no. His response was immediate, “Then why do you raise mine every time I see you?” Once he climaxed, the typical modus operandi ensued — ransacking the home for the second time before strangely masturbating himself and leaving the residence.

Noteworthy points

  • This is a significant attack. Though the information regarding what took place inside the residence itself is brief, there are things that can be gleaned from it with closer examination. The victim was thirty-two-years-old and worked at an office in Danville, California. She was living alone at the time, but the residence she was staying in wasn’t hers, and the home had been on the real estate market for two months.
  •  Typically, when the East Area Rapist would attack women who were by themselves, he would keep them in the master bedroom. If a significant other was present, he would transport the woman to the family room. Moreover, though the dialogue clearly indicated this strike was committed by the infamous rapist, he didn’t do some things he generally was accustomed to, such as straddling the victim’s back and making her masturbate him. From what is detailed, this crime seemed like a “quick fix.”
  • During the rape and sexual innuendo talk, the perpetrator used her personal name in conversation. However, she told the investigators he had more than likely figured out her name by her driver’s license which was stolen along with jewelry.
  • The victim described her assailant as a white male between the ages of 24-26. He was slender and stood at an approximate height of 5’8 – 5’10. He had shaggy brown hair and was wearing a blue windbreaker — a common piece of apparel used in many other unfortunate attacks. His hands were rough and calloused. As for his speech, though he spoke through clenched teeth in a repulsive manner, he seemed articulate.
  • Hours before the attack occurred, a neighbor recalled seeing a dark-colored van parked in the victim’s driveway at 11:30 p.m. If the vehicle belonged to the East Area Rapist, this represents he had patience. Not only that, but the question surmises, what was he doing during the two-and-a-half-hour interval?
  • When the police arrived at the scene, one detective was Larry Crompton, the author of “Sudden Terror.” He noticed the assailant had turned off the heater inside of the home. The investigators also dusted for fingerprints. They managed to retrieve a print from the lamp on the nightstand next to the victim’s bed. The fingerprint was further analyzed with all of the people who had been in the victim’s home before, but all matches came back negative. It was later discovered to be from an entirely separate burglar, months beforehand.
  • The bloodhounds brought by law enforcement tracked the perpetrator’s scent through various backyards until they stopped at nearby railroad tracks. From there, they led investigators to a side-road where the scent ultimately faded away. The two dogs used during this hunt had separate reactions, one of which was common for sniffing out drugs, while the other is believed to be stemmed from the baby lotion used during the rape.
  • The location where the bloodhounds stopped tracking the scent due to the suspect leaving in his transportation, a criminologist discovered three spiral notebook pages left behind. They are commonly referred to as “The Homework Pages.” First, there is an essay on General George Armstrong Custer. Next is a two-page journal entry known as “Mad is the Word.” Here is page one and page two. Finally, there is a front-and-back paper known as the “Punishment Map.” You can view the front page and the back cover.



The Writings

There is a lot of debate regarding the authenticity of these notebook pages. Though the writings are attributed to The East Area Rapist, we cannot definitively say he is the author. It’s entirely possible he had stolen these pages from someone or they are completely unrelated to the criminal, of which is a sheer coincidence they were unearthed in the vicinity.

Overall, in terms of popularity and attention, “Mad is the Word” generally gets discussed often. Thankfully, there are people who can read cursive quite well and have translated the journal entries. I will recite below. For a quick side note, there are grammatical errors in the written pages themselves, so for the sake of authorship and accuracy, I will keep it genuine.

“Mad is the word that reminds me of 6th grade. I hated that year. I wish I had know what was going to be going on during my 6th grade year, the last and worst years of elementary school. Mad is the word that remains in my head about my dreadful year as a 6th grader. My madness was one that was caused by disappointments that hurt me very much. Disappointments from my teacher such as field trips that were planned and then cancelled. My 6th grade teacher gave me a lot of disappointments that made me very mad and made me built a state of hatred in my heart, no one ever let me down that hard before and I never “hated anyone” as much as I did him. Disappointment wasn’t the only reason that made me mad in my sixth grade class, another was getting in trouble at school especially talking thats what really bugged me was writing sentences, those awful sentence that my teacher made me write, hours and hours I’d sit and write 50-100-150 sentence day and night I write those dreadful paragraphs which embarrassed me and more important it made me ashamed of myself which in turn, deepdown inside made me realize that writing sentance wasn’t fair, it wasn’t fair to make me suffer like that, it just wasn’t fair to make me sit and wright until my bones ached, until my hand felt ever horrid pain it ever had and as I wrote, I got mader and mader until I cried, I cried because I was ashamed I cried because I was discusted I cried because I was mad and I cried for myself, kid who kept on having to write those dame sentances. My angriness from sixth grade will scar my memory for life and I will be ashamed of my sixth grade year forever.”

It should be reiterated — just because these handwritten pages were discovered by the bloodhounds tracking the assailant’s scent, that does not automatically confirm the penmanship is the East Area Rapist. However, in the grand scheme of his historicity, the homework pages are generally considered a part of his lore.

Many people have attempted to interpret the ramblings, yet nothing can be conclusive. There have been countless of amateur web sleuths and armchair detectives who have scoured school yearbooks dating back from the 1960’s – 1970’s, trying to find an appropriate age and year these notes could have been written, presumed solely on the general assumption of the East Area Rapists’ age when he began his crime spree in the summer of 1976.

The schools that have been looked at range from all over the state of California, but they primarily stay in the general locations and surrounding areas of the towns he attacked his victims.

One thing that should be mentioned is the analysis regarding “Mad is the Word” and “Excitement’s Crave.” If you compare the two, it’s very noticeable how different the writing style is. The poem — Excitement’s Crave — is very articulate with correct grammar usage. Likewise, Mad is the Word is littered with punctuation and grammatical errors.

As for the “Punishment Map,” the drawing seems to indicate a suburban neighborhood. There has been no shortage of people trying to locate the place drawn, but there are no satisfying and adequate conclusions. Larry Pool, a detective working on the East Area Rapist case, believes the map is merely a fantasy location contrived from the artists’ sick, desired mind.

With the latest attack and subsequent discovery of the homework pages, the East Area Rapist went on a three-month break until March 20, 1979. However, there are many people within law enforcement who do not consider that assault to be committed by the notorious rapist.

Interestingly, on December 18, 1978, in San Ramon, California, though nobody was sexually assaulted, it’s widely believed the East Area Rapist invaded a home while the occupants were away. The details are noteworthy in terms of grasping not only the criminal’s mindset but ordinary citizens living in a state of paranoia and since the East Area Rapist was making headlines through various media outlets, his prolific attacks gave rise to his notoriety. In turn, families were purchasing guns for protection, women were taking self-defense classes, and communities were taking every precautionary measure fathomable in order to keep their families safe.

One family, in particular, had a very sound schedule and routine that happened on a daily basis. Whenever the family had to leave their home, beforehand they would scan their entire residence for possible methods of a burglar managing to gain entrance. These types of inspections included double checking every window and door to make sure they were locked, as well as checking for slits in the window screening. They would also look under furniture and the cushions for shoelaces and other peculiar items.

When they would return home, they would resume their surveillance and browse through their personal belongings to make sure nothing had gone missing, whether those items were jewelry or family memorabilia and keepsakes that the intruder had a fascination for. This level of paranoia and terror is what the East Area Rapist ultimately strived for, causing families to uproot their feelings of safety and security.

Unfortunately, though their routine was intelligent and thorough, the family was dumbfounded one evening after returning home for a much-needed night out. They discovered shoelaces under cushioning, despite it not being there hours prior. Furthermore, a notepad that was unused and typically placed in a kitchen drawer was found to have a wedding photo of the couple removed from a picture frame and placed on the notepad itself in a different location.

Upon the discovery, the family immediately contacted law enforcement. Rightfully believing the East Area Rapist would soon attack, the police took the family to an undisclosed location for a night and issued an unmarked vehicle to stake out the residence. Regrettably, inexpert and incompetent police work botched this plan entirely. One of the unmarked police vehicles shockingly parked in the driveway of a next-door neighbor. The goal was to remain inconspicuous, but unfortunately, the vehicle and inhabitants inside were too much of a dead giveaway.

It’s believed the East Area Rapist did return that night, but once he noticed the obvious ploy he retreated. Afterward, the suspect never came back to the home and officially disappeared for months until his possible resurgence in March of 1979.

Victim 43

It was Tuesday, March 20, 1979, in Rancho Cordova, California. An unsuspecting single mother was fast asleep when she suddenly awoke to an intruder pinning her down by sitting on her backside. Frightened by the ordeal, she began screaming and squirming in an attempt to resist the attacker’s brute force. While doing so, the intruder started punching her in the head multiple times saying, “Shut up you fucking bitch! All I want is your fucking money. I won’t hurt you if you be quiet.”

Thereafter, he fastened her wrists and ankles together along with blindfolding her. He proceeded to throw a blanket over her to further obstructing her vision and started ransacking the residence for an uncharacteristically amount of time before returning to her. In this process, the intruder noticed the mother’s two sleeping children in the next room over who slept with their bedroom door open. He left them unharmed and quietly shut their door and resumed his attack on the mother.

He pulled her pajama’s down and placed a knife against her back, gently rubbing the blade up and down saying, “Where is your money? This is your first and last chance to tell me.” She pleaded with the assailant asking him to believe her when she said she hadn’t any. Suddenly, the home fell silent as the intruder stood over her, watching her for minutes before stretching the elastic from her panties and letting them go to create a sharp, painful sound.

He called her a bitch and left her unattended to rummage through the home again. During this interval of time which is estimated to be ten minutes, the mother was able to courageously undo her bindings. All of a sudden, the children’s alarm clock started buzzing loudly. He returned to the mother for a brief moment and said, “You’re a bitch!” before vanishing into the night.

Noteworthy points

  • The single mother of two was living in a duplex. She had only been residing there for two months before the attack occurred. At the time, she was working as a secretary in Sacramento, California. She also participated in creating commercials for an advertising agency. As for her ex-husband, he was working as a carpenter.
  • In regards to this attack being associated with the East Area Rapist, while it’s commonly registered to his name, there are discerning differences. For one, the intruder never raped her; only taunted with empty threats. Secondly, the person ransacked the home for forty-five minutes before returning to the mother, though he did occasionally ask where her money was during the rummaging.
  • The victim described her attacker as 6’0 tall and approximately 180 pounds. He spoke through clenched teeth, and she determined he was disguising his voice by speaking in a deeper and hoarse voice. Moreover, his manner of speech seemed to be slow as if he was choosing each word carefully. Due to the type of job she had regarding commercials, she believed he would speak slowly in order to remain from stuttering. It’s worth mentioning the East Area Rapist stuttered quite often when his anger increased. As for his clothing, he wore a nylon stocking and dark, soft leather gloves. An estimate of $3,000 worth of jewelry had been stolen.
  • The assailant had strangely not brought along a gun. He did use an ax, however. Though the weapon of choice is peculiar, there was a prior incident where an ax was involved with a teenage girl (victim #15 on March 18, 1977).
  • During the struggle, the mother told the police she believed she wasn’t raped because of a huge scar on her back, and that is why the attacker stood over her for a few minutes staring at her without speaking a word.
  • The mother’s face was punched so viciously in her left eye was swollen shut and black and blue. The left side of her face was also bruised severely, which caused difficulty speaking to law enforcement. This attack is similar to the fourth rape committed if the two are one of the same. With that crime, the woman was living alone and the intruder punched her so hard her nose broke and left her unconscious.
  • The investigators weren’t able to locate an exact point of entry the intruder sneaked in from. Moreover, before the victim went to bed she thoroughly checked all of the locks inside the home to make sure things were secure. It’s assumed he entered from the garage, but it’s uncertain. However, the assailant did visit the garage at one point to cut the rope from a tent stored inside.
  • This attacked happened at 5:00 in the morning. The intruder didn’t leave until 6:00 a.m. when the alarm clock went off. Earlier that evening, however, one of the children reported hearing bizarre noises around the home at 12:30 in the morning, but didn’t think too much of it and continued sleeping.
  • Three days prior on a Sunday, someone kept calling their home. When one of the sons answered with a customary hello the caller would hang up.

Victim 44

On Wednesday, April 4, 1979, in Fremont, California, a masked intruder brandishing a handgun and flashlight woke up a sleeping boyfriend and girlfriend. As soon as the couple was aware of what was taking place, the trespasser quickly blinded them and hissed toward the male, “Put your fucking face down and get on your stomach or you’re a dead motherfucker!”

He grabbed a pair of shoelaces and threw them on the boyfriend’s back, barking at the girlfriend to bind his hands together behind his back, while also screaming obscenities, “Don’t look at me. Don’t fucking look at me! You better tie him tighter. Tighter!” After the boyfriend was subdued, he bound the girlfriend and refastened the boyfriend.

Likewise, the intruder hurled more death threats in their direction swearing to blow their heads off if they refused to cooperate. Thereafter, he left the couple alone as he ransacked the home. He soon returned with bath towels that he tore into strips to further restrain the boyfriend and assured the two of them, “I’m only here for money and something to eat.” He snarled at the girlfriend demanding to know where her purse was. She told the man her purse was inside the car located in the garage.

Once again, he left momentarily and upon his return, he ordered the girlfriend to move away from her boyfriend and lay down on the bedroom floor. From there, he proceeded to drag the helpless girlfriend to the living room where he subsequently blindfolded and threw a blanket over her. At this point, he made his way into the kitchen grabbing a handful of glass dishes to stack on the boyfriend’s back and threatening him, “If I hear these dishes rattle, I’m going to come back in here and blow your fucking head off.”

With everything under his control, his attention reverted back to the defenseless girlfriend. He attempted to speak to her multiple times, but she told him she was unable to hear due to the blindfold covering her eyes and ears. This only infuriated him as he knelt down to her face and said, “You better fucking whisper. If you do what I want, I’ll take the food and money and leave without hurting anybody.”

He made his advancements, straddling on her backside and placing his penis into her hands. Though he never said a word on this occasion, the girlfriend had an idea of what the intruder was seeking so she began acting freely hoping her compliance would calm the intruder to an extent. After this short stint, he rolled her over onto her back and raped her, which lasted no longer than a minute. Thereafter, he readjusted her position and penetrated her for the second time, squeezing her left breast tightly before tossing her aside and getting up.

Once he finished with the humiliating rape, he refastened her ankles together, grabbed a towel and shoved into her mouth, and took a neck-tie belonging to her boyfriend and used it to further secure her ankles to a nearby bookcase. Thereafter he simply told her, “I’ll just get these things together and put them in my van.” She laid there for what felt like an eternity waiting for the intruder to genuinely leave the residence. After a while, the house went silent and she managed to undo her bindings and cut loose her boyfriend before alerting the police.

Noteworthy points

  • Earlier in the evening, the couple had left home at approximately 6:45 p.m. They returned home at 9:00 p.m. and discovered a door to a vacant bedroom had been closed though it was left ajar when they left. While the couple was away, a next-door neighbor heard scraping noises and glass shattering. The homeowner went outside with a flashlight to look around the vicinity but did not call the police. The sound the neighbor heard came from a flower pot the intruder stood on as he peeked into the living room window. He also broke the glass window from the vacant bedroom which is how he entered and shut the bedroom door.
  • The girlfriend was a secretary in Burlingame, California. Her boyfriend was an independent contractor and owned rental properties in San Jose, California. Due to being a contractor, the boyfriend was quite strong and muscular. It’s assumed his size intimidated the trespasser because he had tied four sets of shoelaces around his wrists. Moreover, he ran out of bindings he had brought with him and had to unlace the boyfriend’s shoes for further restraints.
  • When the intruder forced the girlfriend to move away from her boyfriend, she managed to get a glimpse of the masked intruder. He was wearing a dark-colored ski mask, a nylon parka, dark-colored pants, elastic checkered brown socks, and a pair of deck shoes. According to the female victim, he was a white male between the ages of 25-35 with a height of 5’10 – 5’11. They estimated his weight to be approximately 165-185 pounds.
  • The female victim told the police she believed he wasn’t wearing any gloves because of the texture she felt when he fondled her breasts. She also said his hands weren’t calloused, as other victims have experienced. Also, during the attack, the trespasser had turned on the television for light but had it on mute. Once he finished raping her, he had turned the television back off.
  • The assailant had stolen $1600.00, though it was only half of the money the couple had on them. Not only that, the home itself had little to no furnishing. The two were only staying there temporarily until the house was sold so they could properly relocate.

Victim 45

After the attack in April 1979, the East Area Rapist would take a two-month hiatus before reappearing on Saturday, June 2, 1979, in Walnut Creek, California, where a young babysitter had already put the children she was tending to down for bed. Meanwhile, she was finishing up homework at the kitchen table and watching Saturday Night Live, waiting for the parents to arrive home from their outing. Suddenly, a loud, beckoning noise echoed down the hallway. Perplexed by the sound, she went to check on the commotion and see if the children were okay.

That’s when she encountered a masked intruder brandishing a large hunting knife along with a sheath for the weapon on his hip. Paralyzed with fear, she had trouble moving and speaking as the intruder darted towards her with haste, grabbing her by the back of the neck and her arm, rushing her into the master bedroom and throwing her on the bed. He forced all of his weight on her backside and clasped her hands behind her back together with wire clips exclaiming, “I’m not going to hurt you. All I want is money.” Thereafter, he gagged and blindfolded her while issuing contradicting death threats, “If you don’t keep your fucking mouth shut, I’m going to slit your fucking throat.”

He left her unattended momentarily to ransack the residence. When he returned, he loosened the bindings around her ankles and removed her pants and underwear. The teenager was whimpering, still trying to resist the man’s persistence as he lubricated his penis with lotion and asked, “Have you ever been fucked before?” She laid motionless, crying to herself and shaking her head no in response to his sexual question while he attempted to rape her unsuccessfully. He tried these antics multiple times, going as far as to tediously make her stroke his penis with her numb, bound hands. However, this still proved fruitless. With his infuriation growing, he tore her shirt and bra off, biting her left nipple four times that left teeth impressions on the surface of her skin.

Afterward, he tried raping her one more time that unfortunately proved successful. He immediately refastened her ankles together and rolled her over face down on the bed while he dressed back up. Shortly after, he took his large hunting knife and gently moved it across her throat saying, “Don’t move or I’ll fucking kill you.” Unexpectedly, the home became eerily quiet. She waited for a moment before rolling over to make sure her attacker was gone. Once she felt he had disappeared, she undid her bindings and checked on the children still sleeping and called the police.

Noteworthy points

  • The seventeen-year-old victim told the investigators her attacker was a slender white male wearing a white mask, and his height was between 5’6-5’8. This was also the first time he used wire clips or flex cuffs as they are more commonly referred to.
  • Though the babysitter was unfortunately raped, she technically remained a virgin. The assailant was never fully aroused. Interestingly, the East Area Rapist wasn’t necessarily fond of a woman’s upper body. However, with his latest two attacks, he applied a lot of aggression and focus in that specific region.
  • The police canvassed the neighborhood and discovered a young boy who mentioned his bicycle was stolen; the chain keeping it locked had been broken off. This happened between 9:30-11:30 p.m.
  • The police thought they had finally apprehended the notorious rapist when patrol officers heading to the crime scene saw a 1978 Oldsmobile Cutlass weaving through traffic. They pulled the driver on suspicion of drunk driving. They noticed the male driver had striking similarities to the general descriptions of what the East Area Rapist may look like. Inside of his vehicle was a large hunting knife in its sheath and a pair of gloves. While the officers were questioning the individual, another patrol officer arrived with his canine. The dog picked up a foul smell from inside the vehicle before being alerted to the driver. Due to this, the man was charged with drunk driving and sexual assault. He was very cooperative and stated he had just left a house-party. A short while later the man was released with all charges dropped because his alibi checked out and there was a police conduction error. Since the canine sniffed the inside of the vehicle first instead of the suspect, that is why the animal reacted strangely.
  • At the same time of the suspect driving his vehicle was pulled over, a person living in the general area where the crime scene occurred called the authorities to report a prowler in the neighborhood. Other patrol officers on duty answered the call and soon arrested the perpetrator. At the time of his apprehension, he was found pantless. According to his testimony, he was employed as a janitor in Pleasant Hills and once his shift ended at 7:00 p.m. he went to search for his missing cat. He was read his Miranda Rights and the police searched his vehicle. Inside they discovered numerous photos of various women that were taken with a camera that had a zoomed lens. One particular photo was a woman who had just left the car wash earlier that day. He was eventually released for unknown reasons.
  • On May 16, 1979, a woman living in San Ramon, California, was doing laundry in her garage when she noticed an unwelcomed guest inside of her home. When he realized the homeowner had seen him, he quickly fled the scene and ran north on Joaquin Drive. There is no confirmation this stranger was the East Area Rapist, let alone having any correlation between the seventeen-year-old babysitter.
  • The seventeen-year-old victim was stalked for a month prior to the assault. In the month of May, the teenager’s mother notified the police reporting someone had broken into their home while they were away and stole a nightgown and address book. Furthermore, during that month, the family was receiving hang-up crank calls. Not only was the daughter receiving these calls at home, but at other homes she babysat as well. The general consensus is the address book stolen was how the East Area Rapist followed her movements.
  • After the babysitter was assaulted, her mother began seeing a strange man driving a maroon colored El Camino and slowly drive by her home. Outraged by this, she quickly ran outside to confront the driver — believing him to be her daughter’s rapist — but he quickly sped off before anything could surmise. Even after the attack, the daughter continued getting prank phone calls. Her mother began receiving them as well at her place of employment where she worked in an office for a private doctor.
  • Larry Crompton, the author of “Sudden Terror,” met with the Walnut Creek Watch Commander, hoping to work together on trying to solve the case. Likewise, he got ran off. According to his book, this is what he was told, “Sergeant, understand something. We don’t want your help, we don’t need your help. We don’t want you in our city. We don’t want your Task Force in our city. We can do our own job. Understand?” ‘The lieutenant glowered at me.’ “The East Area Rapist has not been in our town and will never be in our town. If you go to the press, we will deny it. We don’t want you in our town.”

This concludes part eight of this series. I initially set this entry out to be the end of the East Area Rapist as he transitioned solely into the Original Night Stalker, but that didn’t go according to plan. Nevertheless, the more information in regards to each specific attack the better. If you’ve stayed with me through this journey, thank you so much. I hope this entry proves beneficial in some way or another, and you can look forward to a new post next week.


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